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Future Plans Architectural Services

jpeg-6Completing a 5 year technical apprenticeship led me to work on some very prestigious large and small developments. After gaining vast experience within the commercial sector, I decided I wanted to work for myself in the private residential sector and started a small local building company in 2001. I was able to offer a loyal service to clients wanting to extend or re-model their homes to a high standard within a reasonable budget whilst incorporating more energy efficient materials to help reduce the ever rising fuel bills.

My building company is going from strength to strength given the team I have built up and during the continuing long running of the building company, we have had the pleasure of working from some very professional and well thought out plans alongside sensible working drawings to construct extensions, loft conversions and new homes for our clients to enjoy. However, more often than not, the plans supplied to us were impractical and not thought out which meant the unaware client was investing money in their property, but the plans resulted in many design opportunities being unfulfilled ranging from a mismatched roof, an awkward room layout/flow to simply no cupboard for the hoover!

Another fundamental issue we found was that clients’ budgets were not being listened to by the designer or architect, so clients’ were paying good money for a set of plans to sit in the kitchen drawer as builders were quoting well over their expected budget.

A key skill from having such vast on-site skills is knowing how money can be saved by certain structural elements, a common error with designers who are good with auto-cad but have no real building skills and so remove every load bearing wall to show the vast space, assuming steel beams can span forever …. !

Architects did not escape our clients’ frustration and we often heard them complaining about ideas being forced on them and their brief not being listened to, they were much more expensive than designers (generally asking for a percentage of the build cost to produce the plans) and sometimes generally hard to deal with. I must add not all architects, I personally know many who are good but they tend to work on much larger projects than your typical new build or extension.

Our business is growing fast and we will continue to aim to offer the best service around at an affordable price. We look forward to working with you.

Future Plans Architectural Services

For years we persevered, correcting plans throughout the construction stage and usually swallowing the cost on behalf of the clients as we believed it is not their fault, then one day I decided enough was enough. I knew I could do a much better job.

I invested in professional software and training covering BIM (Building Information Modeling) which is in my opinion, the future and a major leap forward from the industry standard auto-cad. Instead of drawing your property I make a 3D model which leaves no doubt what design will work, it ensures every detail such as: the stairs have enough head room, the roof joins correctly, the wet room is big enough and the kitchen island will fit. From this model I make the plans to progress all the way through the process to the finished decorated project.

After the training period, which seemed very easy due to my real life construction background, I knew I was ready to promote my architecural company and compete for work, and so … Future Plans was born!

Over the years of my building profession I have gained positive relationships with local planners, structural engineers and local building control officers. I also have contacts in private building control. We work with you to get you the best layout that works for you and encompasses all aspects of your home design, from initial consultation and site survey to submitting plans to building regulation drawings approval. Leaving you with a set of drawings you are able to get affordable quotes from and to realise your Future Plan.

We are Architectural Designers using the most up to date BIM technology, have a vast amount of building experience and a growing portfolio of very satisfied clients. Most architects will charge a percent of the build cost, we offer a comprehensive and full service at a fraction of the cost. We work out of our office in Tonbridge, Kent and carry out services in the following areas: Tonbridge, Hadlow, Paddock Wood, East Peckham, Tunbridge Wells, Hildenborough, Bidborough, Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Leigh, Wadhurst, Sussex and everywhere inbetween!