Below is a guide of our typical charges on a simple design package. As each project can vary we would provide a quote based on your exact requirements and would be able to give a more accurate estimate for third parties such as engineers and building control once your brief has been discussed.

Stage One – Planning

Feasibility study £ FREE
Measured survey £150.00
Produce planning drawings £700.00
Amendments £ FREE
Council Submission Fee £172.00

Stage Two – Construction Design

Produce Building Regulation plans £500.00
Structural Engineers fee guidance £100.00 – £800.00
Building Control fees £850.00

In the event that your planning application is refused or withdrawn under the advice of the planning department, we will offer you our services to produce a new scheme – if possible – with no extra charge. The submission fee will still need to be paid for by you unless the application is withdrawn then this fee may not be applicable.

The Software we use is extremely versatile and up to date, that together with the vast amount of on-site and practical knowledge, we are confident we can deliver a design package to all of our clients’ with continued support – from concept to build completion, if required – like no other!  

Stage Three – Get building!