The Planning Process

Define client needs and reach goals

To help clients define their needs and reach their goals, Future Plans has set out below the stages we follow to help you understand what should be considered throughout the design and planning process ensuring all areas and possibilities have been considered.

Stage 1 – Meet & Discuss

Upon receipt of an enquiry from a potential client, we will arrange a meeting with you at the project site to find out what your ideas and needs are, advise what approvals you are likely to need, and make an initial assessment of any problems you may encounter in obtaining approvals. There is no charge for this initial consultation. We will endeavour to develop your brief and assist you in; the early design development process; practical design, and hopefully offer some budget solutions. We are able to bring to your attention many factors which are not always obvious including; size, flow of spaces, construction type, complexity of design and quality of materials.We will set out how the planning process works, give you a breakdown of our costs and arrange a detailed measured site survey.

Stage 2 – Design Development & Gaining Planning Permission

Following completion of the site survey and with both yours and our ideas in mind, we will get to work on some preliminary designs showing Existing; Elevations and Proposed schemes. This is a vital stage in the design process allowing us to develop 3D plans and elevations which enhance your understanding of the project and how the space can be utilised. If considered necessary, we will contact the planning department and make initial enquiries about the proposed scheme. This will often provide valuable advice regarding size and visual appearance.

When you are happy with the design and all amendments have been agreed and finalised, following a further meeting if you wish, we will arrange for the scheme to be submitted for Planning Permission and liaise with the case officer and any queries they may have regarding the scheme. Planning decisions typically take 8 weeks depending on scheme complexity, site location and relevant policies.

Stage 3 – Detailed Design & Building Regulations Approval

Building Regulations Approval is also necessary prior to the commencement of construction work. Once Planning Permission has been Granted, and upon your instruction, we will get to work on the Building Regulation plans. These are your working drawings to enable construction and contain more technical detail. Once they are approved they will assist in obtaining accurate building quotations. When both Planning Permission and Building Regulations approval have been obtained, building work can legally commence and your Future Plans can become a reality. Being passionate about building we are more than happy to assist you by telephone or site visits throughout your project.